Judoscotland membership

Anyone new to judo is covered by the club’s insurance for their first four weeks. After this we require everyone to take out a JudoScotland membership.

JudoScotland offer a four month Provisional Membership, which is completely free. Provisional Members are fully insured to participate in judo in the club.

At the end of the four months, or sooner if you wish, you can take out a Full Membership. If you take out a Full Membership before the end of your provisional period, any time remaining will be carried into your first term as a Full Member.


JudoScotland Full Memberships carry the following benefits:

  • Personal Accident & Civil Liability Insurance  – Comprehensive personal accident and civil liability insurance while taking part in any judo activity in the UK.
  • Membership Record Book – Your membership book will allow you to track your journey through Judo.
  • Grading – Nationally recognised grading scheme, allowing your efforts to be recognised through the judo belt grades. Your first grading at the club will also be completely free of charge.
  • Competition – From inter-club mix & match events to National Championships, your license allows you to take part in events appropriate to your age and stage.
  • Progression in the Sport – Subsidised training opportunities for Coaches, Referees, Competition Officials and other volunteers.