New to Judo

What to Expect

Judo is a fantastic way of getting active, improving fitness, making friends. Judo also instils core values like self discipline, respect and courtesy.

Our judo classes typically start with a warm-up, which can include movement games, falling, rolling and some other basic gymnastics. Judo makes use of the whole body, and is fantastic for physical literacy, especially during key development years in children and young adults.

A session will typically include some technical teaching in both standing and groundwork based techniques. Players will have time  to practice, then have time for randori (light sparring). The session will end with some cool down exercises.

All of the sessions at Clyde Judo Club are taken by qualified, insured and PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) certified coaches.

new judo players practicing
Young judo friends at competition
What to Wear & What to Bring

The judogi, or training kit, is made up of a heavy jacket, trousers and a belt tied around the waist. We have a limited number of jackets and belts we are able to loan to new players for their first few sessions.

All you will need is a t-shirt and tracksuit or joggy bottoms (without large zips or poppers), something to put on your feet when not on the mat, and a full water bottle.

We recommend buying a kit by around the fourth session. It also becomes a requirement to become a club member and get a JudoScotland license for insurance.

We have supplier rates which allow us to offer discounted kits to club members. Judo kits, training bags and other equipment can be purchased from our Shop, or at the club.


Dojo Rules / Mat Etiquette - A Guide

Judo incorporates a Moral Code into it’s practice, which includes respect and self-control. Below are some key things to remember for training sessions.

Most of our rules are hygiene or safety related, some are for showing respect for coaches, other players and spectators.

  • Be ready to start when the session starts.
  • Wear a clean judogi (kit) to judo.
  • Keep finger and toe nails short.
  • No footwear on the mat.
  • No bare feet off the mat.
  • Ask a coach before leaving the mat for any reason.
  • Don’t wear jewellery or makeup (piercings that can’t come out must be taped up).
  • Tie long hair out of the way.
  • No bad language.
  • Bow to your partner at the start and end of a practice.
  • Have fun, and enjoy the judo!
Want to learn more about the Judo Moral Code?